Cricket McNatt


                                                                       WELCOME TO ART

    Hello My Name Is...C
ricket McNatt               email: - Room 31 - Conference Period - 11:16 - 12:05


                                      "Nothing is hard. Things are challenging.

                                     Special Points:

I Will not be F.B friends with students
                                 Art is not a goof off course.  It is a privilege.                          You don't take French because you already know French.
                            I am here to teach art to you.        

  All students are encouraged  to do their best and present their work with pride.


It's going to be a great year in Art.  

Come to class prepared to learn and create EVERY day.  There are no "FREE DAYS", so don't ask!

KNOW your handbook because we will abide by all of the procedures and expectations in the art room and at Cross Roads High School.

YOU are the primary reason I am here. Never hesitate to ask for help,  I want to  see you succeed.

Art Supply List:
for 23.00 I will purchase what the students need.

The golden rule in any ART class or venue:  

"Never touch someone else's artwork".